CIFCON Fellowship is open only to the pioneering members of the institute, and for those who have distinguished themselves as professionals in their chosen fields particularly in Finance, Banking, Accounting, Economics, Marketing and acceptable fields. Such person for this grade must prove that he/she has occupied a financial management position for not less than 5 years and with qualifications like M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D and Professorship in Social Sciences.

Prospective member is advised to visit the Institute's National Secretariat / Administrative Head Office with the credentials for further discussion and processing.


Associate membership grade is open to candidates who have passed all the qualifying examinations and have also satisfied all other requirements as prescribed by the council of the institute. Members of this grade can use the perquisite, ACIFC after their names.


The Corporate Membership is reserved for some organisations, firms and companies who are known for their high application of financial control systems in their operation, and who have contributed to the development of Financial Management, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Business Administration and other sector of the nation's economy.

Prospective organisation is advised to visit the Institute's National Secretariat / Administrative Head Office with the certificates of incorporation for further discussion and processing.


The Student Membership is open to holders of the following qualifications:

a. OND/NCE/HND/B.Sc in any social science from recognized Nigerian or overseas' Polytechnic, University, College of Education etc.
b. Any other professional certificate or Diploma reconized by the board of other institute like ICAN, CIBN, ICEN, CITN, NIM, ANAN, ICMA, ACCA, ACIS, ACAI, ACII, ICA etc.
c. Those who have years of work experience in the three tiers of government, financial institutions, firms whose jobs have control contents.

Prospective students are to apply online and attached scanned copy of their credentials. Qualify candidates will be contacted to register for the Institutes' examinations after which successful candidate will be inducted into the membership category of the Institute.


The Institute welcome prospective members into different grades of membership. Prospective members are advised to read through the different grades of membership available to know where they best qualified to practice as a member of the Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria.

Members will acquire skills that will make them professionals in budgeting planning, financial consultancy, inventory control/analysis, financial analysis and public finance.

Members will be more marketable in the highly competitive labour market with the financial skills acquired from the institute.

Members will be sought after, as professionalism in financial control is novel.

The institute will develop skills and technology based knowledge crucial to the success of a new culture in finance and financial control.

It will stimulate in its members, a deeper understanding of control systems in finance that are success factors in the implementation of corporate finance policies of organizations.

The institute offers members excellent opportunity for career development.

Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria.